March 28, 2019

On Friday, 22nd March 2019, I attended one of the most emotionally and inspiring corporate events I have ever experienced.

It so happened that Kotex was unveiling the new packaging as part of the Global Business Plan.  I have always liked their packaging especially their neon coloured tampon covers which make opening the pack a pure delight.  But I digress.

So the event unveiled the new logo where Kotex has cleverly incorporated the SHE symbol into their logo.  Speaking at the event, Christopher Waithaka Senior Brand Manager, Feminine Care Category – West, East & Central Africa said, “We incorporated the “She” symbol into the Kotex logo as a reminder that women guide everything we do and as a commitment to honour her for the next 100 years.”

In line with the new-look packaging, Kotex has launched a campaign dubbed ‘#PeriodOrNotSheCan’ to emphasize that a period should never get in the way of a Woman’s progress.

To emphasis this point Kotex TEAM honoured twelve women to receive the ‘She Can’ Award at a red carpeted gala ceremony at the prestigious Raddison Blu, at Upper Hill, Nairobi. The awards were created to cheer on women for courageously achieving unique success in their respective fields.

As I listened to the various acceptance speeches, I could not help but admire the women for their stories of resilience.  Striving to make it no matter what is thrown their way.  Striving to push their course despite nay sayers.  Determined to blossom despite being trampled on. The women gave stories of the lemonade they made from their pain experience but some gave the testimonies based on their strength experiences.

Stories of strength included Sue Mueni, founder of SUED watches, one of the only Kenyan wristwatch brands designed and sold locally. Using her savings from HELP she sold watches for her upkeep. She was voted at the best BLAZE contestant and used her cash reward of Kshs.500 to start a watch brand called SUED.  Her success story is key to inspiring more young women to value humble beginnings while pursuing their dreams.

Heart-rending stories included Chantelle Petit, a 27 year-old Kenyan mum. Dressed in a stunning red cinderella evening gown, Chantelle shared her childbirth experience where she developed fistula and underwent 4 surgeries to rectify the condition. She is currently in recovery mode and had to use an extra cushion to keep her comfortable. She hopes to help other women in similar conditions.

Editah Hadassa’s story was also very moving. She gave her story of being married for 12 years to a supportive husband but they are childless not by choice. She is the founder and Executive Director of Waiting Wombs Trust, an organization that seeks to create awareness, bring together and support those struggling with childlessness and infertility with a hope of ending the stigmatization that comes with it.

Period are a natural part of being a woman yet taboos and myths around period stigma serve to cripple womens’ efforts to advance,” explained Saiton Tameno-Righa, Digital Manager, Kimberly Clark in charge of West, East and Central Africa.

The Kotex product range comprising sanitary towels, tampon and panty liners has added a New Kotex Ultra-Thin Extra-Long Pad night pad’ with the same high-quality cotton-soft, fast-absorbent pads to make her period experience discreet and unnoticeable.