April 8, 2020

9th March, 2020 Standard Group today launched a mother’s room at their central business district office at I & M building in Nairobi Kenya.

The nursing mother’s room will accommodate the needs of lactating employees, who have previously not had a designated private space for milk expression.

Launching the room, CEO Mr Orlando Lyomu said that “Organisations are driven by people and the people give it value. At Standard Group, we are mirroring global workplace standards and must create good working environments that make employees happy to come to work. This in turn enables people to be their best and to increase creativity. When a nursing mother feels well supported in her nurturing years, she is able to be happier hence more productive.”

Speaking at the launch event, President of Standard Group Women Network which is a professional network that seeks to articulate the voice of women at the workplace and position them for greater impact in society, Ms Queenter Mbori-Saina said the mother’s rooms is part of the effort of increasing inclusivity of female employees which gives them equal opportunities in the workplace. Quoting the #Each for Equal theme for 2020 International Women’s Day, which is celebrating women’s equality,  Queenter, who is also the editor for Nairobian, added that the nursing room will accommodate the mother’s nature to nurture and give them an equal chance to be as productive as possible, even in their nurturing season of life.

Working mothers endure difficult situations in their pursuit to extend breast feeding benefits to their babies.  Standard Group’s Editorial Administrator Manager, Mr Andy Kagwa said, “if an organisation is not mindful of the nursing mums, the women can be subjected to pumping in bathrooms and dirty supply closets.”

Often women are subjected to embarrassment of being walked in by co-workers, which creates a stress factor which working mums have to endure. The mother’s room which is situated on the 16th floor of I & M house has comfortable sofas in a clean and pleasant space and a fridge to keep the baby’s milk at a regulated temperature. It also has a TV unit and some reading materials to help the mother’s to relax.

Standard Group HR Manager, Joy Kaguri encouraged employees to utilise the room and appreciated the Standard Group Management for the support they have given the female employees. In future, the organisation is looking to have a child-care centre, where employees could keep their children during working hours, when the need arises especially in times when a child is unwell and is in need of a high observation supervision, added HR Director Nicholas Siwatom.