Palau Festival to take place in Nairobi, World evangelist Andrew Palau joins hundreds of churches to bring a message of unity, hope, and love to Nairobi. Over a thousand people attended the launch event and unveiling announcement of the LOVE NAIROBI FESTIVAL, spearheaded by the Luis Palau Association.

The event, held at Nairobi Baptist Church on Tuesday 7th March 2023, was attended by Andrew Palau, evangelist at the Luis Palau Association, as well as hundreds of church leaders including Canon Dr. Sammy Wainaina (ACK), Rev. Dr. Edward Ngaira (Office of the First Lady), Bishop Karita Mbagara (CITAM), Bishop Dr. Samuel Munai (PEFA), and Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda (EAK) amongst many others. 

Following successful festivals in fifteen capital cities in Africa, world-renowned evangelist Andrew Palau will partner with over 50 different churches, bishops, and denominations to bring the acclaimed LOVE NAIROBI Festival to Kenya for the first time. 

Speaking at the launch event, “We are believing God for a historic work in East Africa”, Palau said. “He has directly called us to be his ambassadors there.”

Previous festivals have been successfully held in African cities such as Cape Town, Kigali, Addis, Cairo, Kampala, Yamoussoukro and a host of others. The LOVE Nairobi Festival which is set to take place from 15th – 17th September 2023, will be a three-day family-friendly event that will be held at the University of Nairobi grounds, and is projected to attract close to fifty thousand people per day in a significant evangelistic effort.


L-R Bishop Calisto Odede – Presiding Bishop CITAM, Andrew Palau – Luis Palau Association and Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda – General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK).

L-R Andrew Palau of Luis Palau Association, Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda – General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK), Bishop Kepha Omae – Presiding Bishop Redeemed Gospel Church.

Throughout the week prior to the festival, volunteers from business, civic, and faith leaders are collaborating with the Palau team to stage the event, and will work together with local ministries to in community outreach events such as medical clinics, prison outreach, school outreach and orphanage outreach, all with a message of hope.

Additionally, throughout the months leading up to the festival, Palau and several ministry partners will hold conferences for pastors and training in friendship evangelism.

“We are equipping and building capacity of local church leaders by offering training in pastoral enrichment conferences and friendship evangelism and are growing,” says   Operations Director Anton Myburgh. 

The festival will feature renowned gospel artists. Previous festival events have hosted gospel artists such as Nicole C. Mullen, Don Moen and Papa San, and the LOVE NAIROBI Festival is set to feature many of East Africa’s top recording and performing Gospel artists as well as celebrated international guest musicians. The three-day family-friendly festival will feature action sports, fun children’s programs, BMX and FMX riders who perform amazing stunts and share their motivational and transformational stories. 

NAIROBI: According to statistics of the Metro Area, the population of Kenya in 2022 was 5,119,000, a 4% increase from 2021 and UN Medium variant projects a bulging youth population will increase from 47 million in 2015 to 115 million by 2065. Cities can be places of influence of culture but cities can also be centres where morality is corrupted, especially due to pressure on natural resources such as environmental degradation, civil conflict, increased migration and rising poverty. The church, however, can change the destiny of a city and a nation.

“I am humbled and honoured to be God’s messenger at this critical time in the nation’s history,” Palau said.

ANDREW PALAU. For more than 25 years Andrew Palau has played a key role in the ministry of the Luis Palau Association, and has been instrumental in building the festival model for citywide outreach and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands around the world. His festivals have brought him in partnership with thousands of churches across Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and the United States of America. A regular contributor to national publications and a favorite speaker at conferences and gatherings around the world, his weekly radio broadcasts are heard by millions of people around the world.

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It is good to see the different church denominations in Kenya rally together for a good cause and the Anglican Church of Kenya supports the Love Nairobi Festival because it is holistic and factors in different demographics including business community, women in society, prison outreach, children and youth activities. Cities can be places of prosperity but can also be places of great wickedness and moral perversion because of the economic and political powers. Cities are gateways to a nation, when a city is redeemed, the economic, political and social benefits extend beyond the city into the region and internationally quote by

The Very Reverend Canon Dr. Sammy Wainaina, Provost – All Saints Cathedral 

The Church in Kenya is coming together as one voice to spread the wave of love in Nairobi for our people who yearn for a sense of unity and hope. Quote by Bishop Karita Mbagara – Deputy Presiding Bishop, CITAM.

We are throwing a party in the city of Nairobi to give hope to our young people and give them access to an abundant life quote by Evangelist Andrew Palau.


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